In 2010 our Staffie puppies arrived  Oscar & Saffron & from then I started to look for dog life jackets. Our Staffies are non – swimmers, in fact they sink like rocks! We needed them to be safe around water at home around the pool, beach and dam.

We often took holidays in Clanwilliam at the dam, we needed them to be safe on the boat as well at the water’s edge, after all they are our fur children and we didn’t leave them behind, we took them on holiday with us.

We have a Golden Retriever named Emma in our family and you can’t keep a Golden Retriever out of the water!  Our Staffies especially Oscar thought he was a Golden Retriever following Emma out into the water to fetch the ball. I was for ever jumping up and down to bring him back, before he sunk!  Nerve racking and not at all relaxing. It was a nightmare……..

I came across the Baltic dog life jacket while visiting the UK in 2013 I was totally thrilled at last we can now keep them safe. We purchased the jackets put them to test in the SA summer of 2013. We were completely relieved and thrilled we can now be at the dam, beach and have the cover off the pool knowing our Staffies would be safe when wearing their Jackets. I found nothing else available at the time & decided there must be other fur parents like ourselves who needs dog life jackets for that peace of mind.   

In 2014 I decided to start selling them for all Dogs arranging from a Chihuahua to a Great Dane.  ( see Gallery & our Facebook page for lots for happy woof woof customers). It warms my heart every time we send dog life jackets to our customers, knowing that another life jacket makes a huge difference too, not just for the dog but to the parents too.

SAFETY is key.

Training your dog to know the exit / steps of the pool / teaching your dogs to know the difference with wearing a  jacket – jacket equals water no jacket no water. Our Staffies have learnt the difference. If they have their jackets on they are allowed in the pool. No jackets no pool. When pool not in use we still keep a cover on for extra safety,

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